Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Wednesday 2nd July 2014 A day out in the car to see the Afsluitdijk, etc

Sailing boat out on the Waddensee
Sunny spells and breezy. I made some sandwiches and we went out for a ride in the car, north to Sneek on to the A7 motorway across the Afsluitdijk, pausing to have a look at the Waddensee and the islands plus all the sailing ships, then again to photograph the statue of Dr Cornelius Lely (1854-1929), the engineer who introduced the plan to create the Afsluitdijk. On via Medemblik to the Markerwaarddijk, a causeway across to Flevoland at Lelystadt, then a short diversion to see if we could see anyone in clogs and traditional dress at Urk. No chance. The place was heaving
Dr Cornelius Lely
with tourists and it seemed that they’d changed the place a lot. I was sure that in the past we’d been along a small quay where there were just fishing boats and old men in traditional working clothes, black baggy trousers, black shirts and clogs. Now there were just a few fishing boats at one end of a long quay where many yachts, cruisers and DBs were moored. We drove through the village which is on a small hill which was once an island that towered 30 feet above what was then the Zuiderzee.

Click here to see what Wiki says about Urk
The Afsluitdijk -  on the left Waddensee on the right Ijsselmeer
Fishing boats at Urk
Killer whale and moored yacht in Urk
Lighthouse in Urk
Monument in Urk

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