Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Wednesday 16th July 2014 KP9 Almere golf club to Nederhorst. 35.4kms 2 locks

Egyptian goose scavenging by the boat. Got any bread?
14.4°C Sunny and hot all day, very light breeze. Mike took the mast down to get under the low bridges and we set off at 9 am. Said tot ziens to the neighbours on Isis. Under the first bridge, then a left turn on to the Lange Wetering. Lots of small cruisers were moored along the canal on the wooden stumps provided and in neat offline basins. A long line of houseboats stretched along the right bank, some were three storeys high. A cruiser set off from the next little offline basin and zoomed off in front towards Almere Haven. As we got closer to the basin another cruiser came out heading in the
Half-built hotel. Almere.
opposite direction and another came down the canal towards us as we were passing the junction with the Krome Wetering, which leads to the lake in the city called Weerwater. Two cruisers were below Almere Haven sluis, the first one went into the lock and, although there was plenty of room left in the 20m long chamber, the gates closed behind him and shut the second boat out, he moved down the quay and we tied up behind him. The skipper came to say hello – we’ve met before! It was the cruiser called Excess, whose crew we’d met at Hoogeschmilde when we called there for water. All smiles and laughing, we
In Almere Haven sluis. Flevo
had a natter on the quay, mostly in Dutch as he didn’t speak English but the words we didn’t know in English she translated for us. They went up the lock (they were staying in the haven for water and a bit of shopping) and I sorted out the washing while Mike connected up the Markon drive. The lock lifted the boat about 4m up to the level of the Randmeeren lake called Gooimeer. Mike shinned up the ladder to pay the keeper 2,50€ for the lock, then we headed out through all the moored boats in the haven and turned left into the channel leading to the Gooimeer. It was 11.30 am already. By the entrance there was an underwater pipe bubbling air into the water to oxygenate it. The surface of the lake had a green growth of algae. By the entrance channel a fishing boat was anchored while it washed its nets. Turned right heading northwest for the Hollandsebrug which carries the motorway across from Muiderberg onto Flevoland. There were sailing boats and cruisers and speedboats galore. An empty commercial called Adriana overtook us 2kms before the bridge. As we approached the bridge we could see there was
Almere Haven
lots of work going on to build another bridge with a diesel-powered pile-driver and loads of earth moving plant. A loaded boat called Jomajo came through the bridge, Spes-Vera and Contentus were unloading sand by the bridge and Maaike likewise on the far side before the bridge. Under the bridge and out on to the southern end of the Markermeer, a light breeze powering many sailing boats. It was busy. We headed out for Pampas Island as the weather was so good. Lake
Fishing boat washing nets. Gooimeer
insects were in almost plague proportions, tiny flies and mossies in their millions. Fortunately they didn’t bite, just made themselves a nuisance. I made some lunch and we just had time to eat it before we arrived at Muiden and went into the Grote Zeesluis – the keeper had kept the gates open for us and we filled the last bit of the chamber – opposite our friends with Excess again! The lock emptied (yes, downhill by about 20cms off the sea lake on to the river Vecht) and the long footbridge
Clouds over Gooimeer
over the two lock chambers swung open (a young lady carrying a baguette under her arm sprinted across and made it just as the far barriers came down) and all the cruisers raced off to the next bridge, Rijksbrug, which had a 5m clearance without being lifted so most of them got through it and we followed. More building work for the new road that will cross next to the Hollandsebrug, more pile-drivers and cranes and earth movers. Mike took the mast

down and the sunshade so we could get under the next couple
Pile-drivers. R Vecht at Muiden
of bridges. Under the railway bridges where several large high boats were waiting and into Weesp. Wide narrowboat Water Melody went past, a large Dutch flag fluttering at the rear. Ducked under the bascule bridge with the ensign off, then Mike put the flag and sunshade back up as we could get under the rest with them up. The river seemed to be full of small open motor boats, travelling fairly sedately up and down. Took photos again of the two windmills in Weesp. A person wearing a wetsuit and an orange swimming cap was swimming along the left bank. We overtook (unusual for us as
Loaded boat on Markermeer
we’re always the slowest) an open motor boat and then a cruiser which was dawdling along far right of the middle, we got dirty looks for overtaking him on the wrong side. Spotted a round fortress on the left bank that I hadn’t noticed before, it had a large café next door to it and a rusty canon in front of it. Next to it was the entrance to a little canal that we had marked on our chart as “opens for two hours on a Wednesday “. A police RIB went past us heading in the opposite direction just as a small cruiser was overtaking us, 
Moored on R Vecht near Nederhorst
the police officer indicated that he should slow down (the river has a limit of 9khp) Close to the village of Hinderdam where there is a lake by the canal there was a commercial called Union moored, it was unloading sand which was being pumped into the lake using a big pipe (maybe they were filling it in??) We moored on a quay by Charley’s café at the end of a long sprawling village called Nederhorst den Berg, slotting between the cruisers on a three day mooring. It was 4.10pm.

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