Monday, 28 April 2014

Sunday 27th April 2014 Basin on Seddinsee to Schmöckwitz 2.29kms no locks

Mooring by the wall at Schmockwitz
10.9° Grey skies and not very warm, brief sunny spells. The blue-hulled cruiser that had moored by us at Schmöckwitz left around ten. Mike wanted to go back to Schmöckwitz so that he could get some fresh bread in the morning before we set off for Treptow. One of the small boats behind us had left and we didn’t notice it go. Just three small boats left in the basin when we set off at 1.20 pm. A bunch of medium sized yachts were sailing at the north end of the Seddinsee lake as we turned south. Just a couple of cruisers up and down and a few inflatables and open speedboats looking after more dinghy sailors at the southern end of the lake. Turned left on the Dahme, passing the old Chinese restaurant and turned right to moor next to the park – except there were three cruisers moored there and not enough room for us. Nothing else for it but to tie to the posts along the base of the wing wall of the road bridge. We had just tied up at 1.45 pm (with an audience up above us on the bridge) when a tug and two empty pans went past heading up the Dahme to the coal berths. I made a cuppa, put the laptop on to do the log and blog and Mike went out to take some photos  from the bridge of a tug and loaded pans of coal heading down the Dahme. As he came back the crews of two of the cruisers gathered all their BBQ gear back on board and set 
Tug and two pans of brown coal heading down the Dahme
off so we moved back into our usual spot. The other boat was the blue-hulled cruiser which had been moored here last week and had also been in the basin on the Seddinsee. Mike said an animal (probably a fox) had been climbing on the car and left muddy paw prints over the bonnet, roof and front and back windows, he took a bucket of water and the mop to clean it down then he drove up to the supermarket to see what time it opens - 7 am. The blue-hulled cruiser had moved down the quay to close up the gap and leave space for anyone else who wanted to moor. He left early
Tug and two pans of brown coal heading down the Dahme
View from the bridge. Schmockwitz

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